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About Your Coach

GTV Mansfeld

Gerry Van Mansfeld 2018.jpg

Being 58,I have traveled many roads. One such road, unfortunately, led me to addiction to ethanol. A destructive vice I knowingly allowed to rob me of possessions, relationships, and health, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


Ask yourself, when you are traveling down a road less traveled, do you want to walk with someone who knows the way or with someone who cannot predict the road?  My passion for Nutritional Recovery comes from a road personally traveled. A guide through the straightaways, the curves, and the obstacles toward nutritional recovery can be found at 365 Life Recovery Group as you navigate from alcohol and substance abuse toward wellness.


Nutrition is often grossly overlooked in traditional recovery groups and programs, but most would argue is one of the most critical components of recovery and relapse prevention. 365 Life Recovery will let you voice your struggle and learn how nutrition can begin to make you whole again. Knowledge is NOT power as some suppose; it is the execution of that knowledge where the true power lies.  I want to teach you how missing nutrients affect your energy and well-being. 


Please don't mistake me, like many do, for a weight loss coach. Your weight is NOT your health. Although most likely, you will obtain a healthier weight, my focus is on your health. Get healthy first, and your ideal weight will happen naturally.


So, let's get started with a couple of weeks, at no cost to you, to see if you are committed to traveling the road of Nutritional Recovery. 

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